2 Layer Fabric

Why 2 Layer?

  • The fabric of the 2L Coastal Collection is built for a more occasional sailor who enjoys cruising and racing but does not plan to encounter extreme conditions for a long period of time. With a waterproof fabric outer layer, the fabric combination is ideal for any activities on the water or shore. The collection includes several versions of jackets and pants to fit your requirements and can be combined with 3L products.

What does 2 Layer mean?

  • The MTech 2 Layer fabric combines a micro porous waterproof and windproof membrane with a shell layer on the outside. There is a nylon loose lining to protect from direct damage and add comfort. The external finish in the shell layer helps to shed water and to protect the middle tightly woven membrane, which has pores approximately 10,000 times smaller than a drop of water. The hydrophilic properties of the material allows vapors coming from the body, that are more than a hundred times smaller than the fabric pores, to transport heat and moisture away from the skin.

Are all 2 Layer Fabrics the same?

  • No. There are many qualities of 2 Layer fabrics. The choice and combination of the layers together with the craftsmanship of the fabric determines the quality. Our build of fabric is tested and proven.

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